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Welcome to our Lifeline and Shelter Animal Foster e-Registry tool


In fiscal year 2014 Pima Animal Care Center (PACC) had a live release rate of 68%. We can do better!

Every year, thousands of dogs and cats are killed at our county shelters.

Over 6,000 animals died at Pima County Animal Care Center in 2013.  This number could potentially be cut in half if rescues and foster homes were able to help.

Rescue groups are formed within our community to save these animals off “death-row” and to bring them into safety. To be able to do this effectively, rescues depend on “foster homes” during the transition from shelter animal to rescue animal to family animal.

The SAFeR Lifeline represents a critical link to enabling rescues to increase their number of animals that are saved, by connecting volunteers from the community as temporary “safe-houses” for these animals.

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Click below to share our page with friends, family, work colleagues, neighbors and anyone else that you know that may be interested in fostering.  The more fosters we have, the more lives we save!



No Kill Pima County is a grass roots, community group of individuals dedicated to saving the healthy, treatable and re-habitable homeless pets and feral cats in Pima County.




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Report Animal Abuse

Are you aware or have witnessed any kind of animal abuse? Please help us stop the mistreatment of animals by reporting the abuse here.  SAFeR Volunteers will notify the local authorities with the information you provide to help stop the abuser..  

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